Tuesday, July 9, 2013

attaching the top......

Before I got to the top, I wanted to finish box #2. Since my calibrated eyeballs went north to escape the heat, I want to make sure that #2 box fits. I don't want to make a box #3 because I have enough them.

sliding lid #2
I've got the rabbets fitted and I left the length a bit long. I'll cut to it to length once I square up the opposite end.  It's also a bit proud and I'll have to plane it down.

not NZ pine
What not box #2 is made of #3 pine I got from Lowes and that includes this lid. I cut all the pieces out of clear sections of the board.  This is tearing out on me but I had no problems correcting it, unlike my experiences with NZ pine.

just a wee bit below

flush and tight to the end
This end was out a bit and I used the blue tape to tell me the orientation of the correction angle so I could shoot it dead nuts. It's a huge exaggeration; it was to tell me the high and low ends.

start of the finger grabbie thingie
Here's how I did it Ray. Starts with picking a distance from the end of the lid and centering it. I used 1 1/4" from the end and I'm making the width at the bottom of the thingie 1" wide. This is what I have marked on the board.

knifing the line
The line is knifed with the finished thingie in mind. The deepest part is in the center tapering to nothing to the outside edges. I knifed lightly on the ends for about 1/4" and dug deeply on the center 1/2". I did this center knife cut in a semi circular motion.
#6 Ashley Iles straight gouge
This is the gouge that Paul Sellers recommended I get as a first one. I started in the middle of the cut and used the middle of the gouge. I pushed into the knife wall, backed up a little, and pushed forward again a little deeper. As I backed up I was trying to make a ramp that tapered from the deepest part at the  knife wall back to nothing out onto the lid.

knife the line again like the first time
I eyeballed this as I did it trying to keep the oval coming back even side to side. It's easy to use a corner of the gouge to make minor corrections.

almost done
I kept at this until I got down to a depth where I could hook my thumb in it and open the lid.


cleaned up and smoothed out
my golden head band
The one on the right is a "Wilson" tennis head band and it's not worth a pee hole in a snow bank. Not even half as thick, nor as stretchy, as the Wally World one on the left. I'll leave the other two "W's" unfound and stick to my Wally World wonders. They are twice as thick, twice as absorbent, and are stretchy as a rubber band.

100% done
I was weeble wobbling about putting a finish on this box and I decided against it. It's purpose is to be hidden behind the drawer so it doesn't really need protection nor to look pretty. I planed it and touched it up with some 220 sandpaper and I'm calling it done.

it's new home
I think I got my simple math skills back (I was barefoot so I could count up to twenty) and I got the spacing almost down to nothing.

look inside
This isn't going to stop a pro but a quick peek into a dark hole and it'll look like the back of the table.

like a turtle on it's back

my connection hardware

I am a big fan of using threaded inserts to attach my tops to bases. I think that they hold much better then a screw and especially better then a screw in pine. I got these 8-32 threaded inserts from Mc Feely's. I used to get them from Lee Valley but he's cut way back on what he sells now. Mc Feely's is the only vendor I found with a selection to pick and choose from.

This is as far as I got with attaching the top to the base. I've been experiencing internet problems since last thursday and they came to a head this morning when I tried to publish my blog post. It took forever to open and load the page and then it died opening the post I wanted to publish.

I eventually got it published and I then turned my attention to that problem. I figured it was the modem but the Einstein reading his troubleshooting placard hadn't made all his tic marks on it yet.   He couldn't understand that the signal was good to the modem but I couldn't connect to the internet. Basic law in electronics: If you have a comes into but no comes out of, the into/out of thingie is broke. In the end, I had to go to my Internet provider and buy a new modem.

Surprised? So was I. In 14 years I have never had to pay for a modem from them. Not so today sports fans. $140 for modem/router in one and I am back surfacing the internet.  And I found out that my old  router and my AP's are toast. They are both 7+ years old and the new modem/router keeps resetting them. So I'm back to hardwired connections until I can get a new AP for the upstairs. 

Sometimes there is an acceptable excuse for not woodworking.

accidental woodworker

Navy Law
If you can keep your head when all about you others are losing theirs, maybe you just don't understand the situation.

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