Saturday, July 6, 2013

a drawer and what not box....

The heat and humidity are still with us here in RI and it's going to be with us until about the 14th or so. Along with the H/H, the forecast has thunder boomers and rain from monday until ? Saturday and sunday are only days for over week without something wet forecasted in it. I'm going to have to think ahead on what I'm making so I can use my planer if need be.

bedside drawer
I tried something new with this drawer for me. I can do dovetails and doing them differently keeps me on my toes. I made my groove for the bottom before I did any dovetailing unlike the last time I did this. The second part of the adventure is doing my dovetailing with out making a knife line. After watching Paul Sellers do his with a pencil and ending up without any knife lines at the end, I'm giving it a try.

I can go either way with the knife line but on a small box or drawer like this, I think it looks better without it. I have tried it on past dovetail projects with mixed success. I usually seem to make knife lines where I don't need them.

drawer done - dry fit and square ok
I like doing my drawers this way. I make a groove on the front and two sides and saw the back. I slide the bottom in and it helps to square up the drawer. I made this drawer 2/3 of the depth of the table. The other 1/3 is going to be the what not box.

plywood helps to square it up
I made the plywood dead nuts side to side to the point it wouldn't fit. I then shaved off a bit until it fit. I checked the plywood bottom for square before I glued up the drawer and got it cooking.

whatnot box
This box is 1/3 of the drawer depth on the shaker table and it's going to live behind the drawer. This is another box that Paul Sellers did that I like. I like making boxes and I like making this style. I especially like the sliding lid vice having to hinge a lid.

tails first
I am continuing my no knife line for the dovetails. It went off well on the drawer and maybe I'll be able to do the same with this one.

what not box dry fitted ok
I still have to make the grooves for the sliding lid and once that's done I can glue and cook this. I am thinking of gluing up the lid for this so that the  grain runs from the back to the front. by doing this I won't have to worry about expansion/contraction making the lid difficult to open or close.

what not box home
The drawer depth, front to back, is a tad bit over 20 inches. I made the drawer 14 inches long and the what not box is 6 inches wide. If I eyeballed this correctly there will be a gap of about 1/2" between the two of them.

The drawer is glued up and cooking. Tomorrow I'll plane it down to fit the opening. I made it about 1/16"  high but about 1/8" too wide.  When I measured for the side to side I forgot to measure back at the drawer guides. Instead I measured between the legs. I'll make sure my plane is sharp before I do any planing.

 I wanted to do a drawer front with half blind dovetails that had a rabbet on four edges. That didn't happen mostly because I couldn't picture in my mind how to saw the half blind dovetails. So my drawer front is going to be applied and will overhang all four edges of the drawer opening. Besides being the drawer front it will also act as the drawer stop.

I might be ready for paint on sunday.

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