Saturday, July 26, 2014

more MK II trials........

Before I went home from work tonight I made a pit stop at the post office. Note to self don't go to the Lakeside Post Office at 1545 as it's break time. As in only one clerk working the counter. There was a line from hell when I got there and every Bubba in the state of RI seemed to be front of me. I finally got to the head of the line and mailed out my LN carcass to get it sharpened.Again.

this was waiting for  me
Since I read about American Woodworker ceasing publication I ponied up and bought this. Goggle books only has so many of these on line. Now I got 30 years worth - from issue #1 to the last one of sept 2014.

got my 2 new clamp bars today too
With these I can now try out Ian saying that the grip is improved with the powder coating removed.

popping out the threaded posts
Ian mentioned using thread lock when putting these back and I assumed that they were screwed in place. I tried to first to unscrew them on wednesday with a pair of slip joint and got nowhere with that. They aren't threaded nor is there any kind of knurling at the bottom on these.

I used my dowel jig this time to catch the post after I whacked it. Yesterday I did them over a dog hole and I had to chase and hunt them down after I whacked them.

awkward sanding this - nothing to get a firm grip on
less than minute to get consistent and shiny
 still straight and flat
putting the pins back in
fully seated now
I didn't get these fully seated the first time. I noticed that one of them was bit angled and I looked at the other new one and noticed that the head was further down. A couple of more taps with the peen and there was much joy in Mudville. 

chisel in and tightened down

didn't even make it to the stones

My bare metal didn't have more clamping force then the powder coating. It slipped and shifted with almost no pressure at all applied to either side.

my grip stuff is the next batter
I have 2 pieces of this stuff on the chisel - one on the top and one on the bottom. I'm pushing forward and bearing down at the same time and neither the chisel or the grip material is moving.

set in the jig
It is moving on me but it is better than without it. I'm going to carefully give it a try on the stones.

see the two bevels?
This shifted on me as I was running it over the stones and I didn't notice it then. The knurled nut on the right post came loose. This is something that I don't recall happening before on me. I tightened it back down but not in nutso mode. I was gentle and finger tight.

tried it again on the stones
I made it through all 3 stones and as I was looking at it after the last one it moved on me. This is it for the MK II until I get the diamond files. I'll finish this by hand.

done and not square
The right side of the chisel is sloping down. This is the one thing about free hand sharpening that I would give up a lung for - to get it straight and square.

I'll try it with the coating and see what shakes out with that
Ian also wrote that he filled the void in the other half of this with epoxy. They are two rather large voids.

the other half
There isn't a lot of surface area here for a chisel to lay on. Maybe filling the voids with epoxy is the missing step that will bring much joy and rejoicing in Mudville.

the center web is wee bit thin
That isn't a lot of metal there to contact and support the chisel. The outside edges are thin and painfully thin so they don't help that much. I can see why a wide width like a plane iron doesn't shift and move like a chisel will. All the chisels are centered in the jig on the middle web of metal. That doesn't offer a lot of real estate for support. It looks like I'll be buying some epoxy to fill voids.

This was a bit disappointing for me. I had high hopes for this fixing my MK II and making it usable. It didn't but this will give me a chance to try the epoxy before the files come in. Amazon says I can expect delivery around the end of july.

accidental woodworker

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Who was Sir Galahad's father?
answer - Sir Lancelot

Friday, July 25, 2014

follow up on the MK II .........

I wasted a lot of time after work making a few pit stops and I came away from them with nothing. Well almost nothing, I did buy a toothbrush. I stopped at Wally World and 3 drugstores looking for a Bio Swiss fine diamond dusted stainless steel file.

At work while searching for this file it said Wally World had this file but when I searched my local Wal-Mart it didn't have any. It did have a big surform looking file for removing dead skin made by Bio Swiss but not the file I wanted. Rather then leave empty handed I bought a toothbrush.

If I can digress momentarily, I bought an electric toothbrush for $3.97. You can buy 2 replacement heads for this same $3.97 toothbrush for $7.87.  Did I mention that the toothbrush comes with batteries and just needs tooth paste to use? Which would you buy? I threw away the one I have now and I'll fire this one up tonight.

left over from days gone by
I used this stuff when I was fixing blood chemistry analyzers for a living. This stuff has an incredible grab and liquids have no effect on it's ability to grip at all.

I have 4' left on this roll
chisel ain't moving
I have a piece of this grip stuff under the chisel and I am pushing against it with all I have. This is encouraging.

I'll try it this way
I did try to put the pieces in the MK II first but that wasn't working. They kept falling out or were pushed out when I inserted the chisel. Putting them on the chisel worked better but even this way was a PITA to do.

all that and it didn't work
I didn't even get a chance to try this out on the sharpening stones. I removed the angle guide setter and I looked at the chisel and it was cocked. The chisel shifted side to side with very little pressure applied. I'm pretty sure the clamp bar being a banana shape has something to do with this. This still may work but I will have to wait and try it again with a straight clamp bar.

popped one pin out - this one is toast so I don't care if I screw it up more
I tried this once yesterday and couldn't do it. Today I put the clamp bar pin over a dog hole and whacked it with my mallet. The pin popped off on the second blow. The other pin I did with a metal hammer (the mallet is plastic headed). Both popped out without any headaches and now I know why Ian says to use thread lock when putting them back in. You don't want these falling out as you try to clamp it down.

sanding off the powder coating
I got my granite block and some 180 grit sandpaper and sanded off the coating. It came off very easily which I wasn't anticipating. I thought I would have to drop down to 100 grit or lower to remove it. It also only took a few strokes and less than 30 seconds to do.

6" rule says it's flat
12" precision straight edge confirms it
satisfied my curiosity
I am curving upwards a little bit over 1/8" in the center. I must have been really pissed off when I cranked down on these screws.

I ordered 4 Bio Swiss 7" diamond stainless steel files from Amazon. Since I still hate to pay more for S/H than the parts I also bought the book Roman Woodworking. I've had this on my wish list for over a year and it put me over the top for free shipping. The files cost $2.69 each and I also found them on a power tool website for the same price. I thought that was a bit odd.

Needless to write, I didn't get anything done in the shop tonight. This MK II thing has given me a big itch that I need to scratch. I'll have to cool my heels for a few more days because I have to wait for the itch relievers to come in.

accidental woodworker

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