Tuesday, July 29, 2014

corner cupboard VIII.......

Made good progress on the cupboard tonight after work. I cleared another hurdle with the bevels on the sides (I was concerned about doing them). Had a hiccup with the corner board and once I resolve that, it's putting the bottom and top fronts on and calling it done. But before I started playing with that I made a detour.

the detour is my eventual face vise

Right now it has that classic bow tie shape that draws a lot of oohs and aahs.  I don't think it matters which side I start knocking down the high spots first.

knocked down one side with the scrub
This is pretty flat as is but it has a hollow in the center.

scrubbed straight across and diagonally
Still not getting the hollow in the middle with the scrub.

used the #6
Now I have most of the middle scrubbed down. I'll leave this as is and let it move and acclimate for a couple of days before I do the rest of it.

the guide runner
This went quickly enough that I was able to get the face and one edge done. It isn't 100% but I want this to move like the face vise before I complete the flattening.

the first batter
My stiles ended up a 1/4" shorter than the plans and the top bottom protrude about a 1/4". I'll have to plane them both down to my pencil marks.

marked in pencil on all four edges
I used pencil rather than a marking gauge because the line is slightly tapered.

used the #5 to plane to the line
This is NZ pine and it can be a bit problematic planing without tear out. I looked over the grain direction carefully and I my first swipe was very shallow. I wanted to make sure I was planing with the grain and that it didn't reverse on me.

wee bit proud still - I can just barely see my pencil line
edge plane was the next batter
I used the edge plane to get to the line and finish squaring up the edge. I got all four of the edges of the top and bottom on the edge of the stile dadoes.

checking my depth of the dado
scribed the line on the back of the top and bottom
I could have done this in pencil but decided to do it with my marking gauge. It won't be seen once it's on the wall and I consider this an honest mark. The scribe groove allowed me to lay my pencil in it and transfer it exactly to the sides.

I had to put it back together
I got all screwed up with how the bevel should go and where the high and low end of it is. I got it loosely put back together and I penciled the orientation of the 45. After I double triple checked it, I took it apart and did the deed.

I'm planing the 45
Paul sawed the bulk of his waste off before finishing the bevel with a plane. I don't have that much confidence in my ability to saw the waste so I'm using all planes. I started with my #6 that has a  cambered blade and set for a heavy cut.

one roughed out
The line is still there and my last swipe was end to end and I got a full width shaving.

both sides with the bevel roughed out
The 45's aren't perfect but they are pretty close. I used this as a practice run for the finishing work to come next.

I can live with this
I used the #5 to do the finishing of the bevel. Once I got close to the pencil line I started checking it with the combo square before I planed some more off. I kept this up until the line was gone and the combo square said it's 45.

almost ready for the corner board
dadoes chopped on the corner board
I wasn't going to do this tonight as it's 1700 and the time I usually quit but I'm so close I can taste the pine.

good fit on this end
this end not so good
my dado is off just a smidgen

I'm not sure how I want to handle the corner board. I want the dado to be tight and gap free so that is what you see when look in the cupboard. I don't have a side rabbet plane so I can't widen the dado that way and I don't want to feather the top because it may leave a gap. I'll deal with this hiccup  tomorrow.

accidental woodworker

more useless trivia
Who drew the first cartoon published in an American newspaper?
answer - Ben Franklin on May 9, 1754

Monday, July 28, 2014

a rainy cloudy day......

There was a lot of promise in the day at sunrise. It was overcast a bit but the sun was peeking out but the clouds got darker as the day got older. Around 1100 it started raining and kept up for about a half an hour.  No more Mr Sun after this and the rest of week is shaping to be a repeat of today.

I went to Home depot at 0800 to look at the shingles they had and I wasn't happy nor impressed. There is about a $2 difference between 25 year 3 tab shingles and architectural ones. But they do have a better selection than Lowes where I couldn't find any plain 3 tab shingles. Maybe next weekend I can start with shingling the roof.

stiles screwed in place
Before I got some shop time in I fixed the left most front rafter on the shed that I had hiccup with. I had a package of bi-metal blades so I didn't have to buy any at Home Depot. The fix went smoothly and rather then nail it again, I screwed it. I also used a couple of pieces of scrap 3/4 stock to make sure I got it in the right place. Something I should have done the first time rather then eye balling it.

I still had to do one more chore before I could relax and do some woodworking. The shop was a one  royal mess with all the bells and whistles going off. A lot debris was everywhere as I hadn't cleaned up or swept for a couple of weeks. All the rafter and trim cutting I did in the shop for the shed along with my clock and corner cupboard messes added up to some big piles. I couldn't see the floor around my bench.

After the cleanup I finally got to do some bench work on the corner cupboard. It was easy to check the fit of the sides once I had the stiles screwed in place. One of my dadoes has loosened up a bit on me. I'm using EYP for the stiles and sides and it doesn't like all the in/out and checking of the fit. No gaps in the joint but it is no longer self supporting.  The other 3 are still self supporting though.

sides are too long
I watched the cupboard episodes again so I know that I'm good here. Even Paul had his long before he marked, sawed, and planed the bevels on them.  I am going to do the 45 bevels on the top edge after I do the 1/4" groove for the loose splines.

I could reverse the 45 on the corner board
The sides lay up on the top and bottom pretty good. Maybe a shaving or two here and there and it would be dead nuts. I looked at some colonial corner cupboards plans (3) and they all have the corner board with the bevels the same as Paul does them. I'll be doing the same.

one down, 3 to go
I put an X on the side that the fence of the plane would be riding against. I then double triple checked that it was correct and checked it one more time. With my spatial ability being flushed down the toilet I can go out into La-La land real quick on this. I also made sure that I didn't have any X's elsewhere on the pieces.

grooves done and loose splines made
I made these on the tablesaw. I did try it with a handsaw but after sawing 3-4 inches I stopped. I knew I wouldn't even come close to making two 1/4" wide saw cuts 30" long. Then there was the planing of a small narrow piece of wood to contend with. I now have two non hand tool steps on my hand tool build.

the B loose spline needed help
The loose spline for the A stile was ok. It was a snug fit along the entire length and I could easily push the spline into the groove and pull it out. The B spline I had to seat with my mallet and I couldn't pull it out with my fingers. I shaved a couple off with the small block plane and got the same fit as the A spline.

I'll do this later
The front of the top and bottom has date with my handplanes. Paul did micro adjustments with his but mine need major surgery. My top and bottom are a 1/4" bigger than the dado in the front stiles because my stiles are shorter then the plans call for.  I'll plane down the front top and bottom first and then do the rear. The 45 bevel will be a 1/4" in from the rear.

Ran out of gas here. I woke up at 0300 and after 20 minutes of trying to fall back to sleep, I got up. I posted my blog and then watched a couple of Perry Mason re-runs, some you tube vids, and did a lot of reading. I've been slowly going through the archives of the Chronicle. I'm still reading those from before WWII.

I missed having the cupboard done by this weekend but I got distracted by the MK II and my playing around with that. I still have one more thing I want to try with it before I give up on it. In the interim I'll finish this cupboard and daughter #1's clock.

I ordered the small Kell jig on saturday for doing chisels. I watched a you tube vid by Richard Kell on him using the jig. He explains it all and when he said tapered chisels aren't a problem I ordered it then and there.  What matters with the Kell jig is that the item being held in it has parallel sides. I can't wait to try it out.

accidental woodworker

more useless trivia
What was the name of the parrot that taught Dr Dolittle to talk to animals?
answer - Polynesia