Friday, October 31, 2014

New England boiled dinner.......

This will never become my #1 favorite dinner but it is an awfully close second to fish and chips which occupies the #1 spot. There is a local eatery that has the boiled dinner every thursday and tonight it's what I had to eat. My wife doesn't like it and had a tuna melt. Go figure on that.  How can you pass up corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots? Can we all say yum together?

had time for this
I had a strange experience with this drawer tonight. It would only go fully into the opening one way. One way it would start ok but bind and stop about 3/4 of way in. Flip it 180 and it sailed in and out without any problems. I planed a bit off both drawer guides at the back 1/4 and that had no effect on this. The drawer was still binding.  I went with the flow and set the drawer the way it would go in/out.

tapered the back ends
Marked this out and sawed the bulk of it with the gents saw. I then planed it smooth and square. This little detail does help with getting the drawer started into the opening. I don't think it has any effect once the drawer is in. It was a detail that was on the original and I wanted to copy it here. This is all I can do on the table until I get some mahogany.

new desk set box
I was playing with some measurements at work and this is what those are. The scale is OTL. As in it's too big and bulky looking. I was going to cut up the wood to make 3 of these but I didn't. I decided to see how this looked first before I did that. I'm glad now that I didn't do that.

the scale and look is much better
The height of the box is a dead match at 4" but the length is 1/4" less.  The sides match the first box sides too.  That 1/4" less in the length doesn't effect the look of this at all.  I'm sure that I can stick the contents of the original box into box #2.

ready for dovetails
I got all the parts for box cut to width and length. One long edge is straight and square as are the ends. The rough long edges will be the bottom and I will clean that up just before I glue it to the base. Leaving it rough will be my cue that it is the bottom.

updated my drawing with the right measurements
These were the result of sawing the boards to the new width. They aren't long enough to use to make the base but I can use them to practice the joinery I want to use on the drawer. That will have to wait until tomorrow as I left here to go out to eat.

I made a note of this and I will saw the other boxes out differently. This box I cut out the sides and the front and back separately. If I saw the front/back and sides as one and then separate them, I'll have scraps long enough to use as the base/feet I want to do.

accidental woodworker

trivia corner
What two boundaries lie between Big Diomede Island and Little Diomede island?
answer -  the US-Soviet Union border and the International Date Line

Thursday, October 30, 2014

wednesday is my slow day........

The current project from MWWC is very interesting to me. Paul Sellers is making a duplicate of a small table he got at a car boot sale (flea market in the US).  He's taken it apart and is making a duplicate exactly the way he thinks the person made the original.  He is keeping up a running commentary of what he sees and what he thinks that craftsman did. This project has gone to the head of the class for me over my next favorite one, the clock.

The money I spend on this wednesday video course to me would be worth 3x what he charges. Detractors can say what they want of him but I am learning and soaking up some much from him. My skill level has increased dramatically under his tutelage the past two years. I hope to get to a point where I can pass this onto my grandkids. This is a hint if you read this Mandy.

it's done
I forgot to snap a glamour shot of this as it's been done since this past weekend. My wife says that she did notice it and she is trying to decide what to pin on it.

the first one
I don't like the horizontal seam on this corkboard. It's the same thickness (1/2") as the one above which means the push pins won't bottom out. But to my eye this line is a glaring screw up laughing at me. My wife doesn't see it or think it's a big deal. Maybe I'm obsessing needlessly here?

had to do something in the shop tonight
 I planed the second drawer runner flush on all three sides. The patched end will be up against the drawer side and at the back. It'll be less noticeable this way.

best money I ever spent
This is the Benchcrafted carbide tipped scraper. It is hands down the best tool on the planet for scraping glue spills up with.  You can use this on all four edges with the same results. If you don't have one, buy one, you won't regret it.

second runner glued and cooking
I plan on using the drawer as a practice piece for the staining that is upcoming. I'm not going to use any filler on this, that will be used only for the table top and the base.

figuring out my mahogany needs
this pine will work for this figuring this out
I am going to glue 3 boards on the bottom of the base. They have to be large enough to extend past the base out to wings. I'll have to edge glue 3 mahogany pieces to make the missing wings.

the plan
The two pine boards represent the mahogany boards I'll put here. I'll infill between them with a piece of poplar.

the top detail
At the top and bottom middle, I'll glue a piece of mahogany because this is a visible part of the base. I am planning on making a tongue and groove joint to attach it to the middle poplar board. I'll edge glue all the boards together and then glue that assembly to the original base. I'll get a total thickness a bit thicker then the original. The original was the base (3/4" thick) and a 9/16"  thick board on the bottom and then the scroll feet.

left over drawer stock
I was hoping that I could make a box out of this like the desk set box I use now. There isn't enough wood here. I tried stretching it and like any other wood I've tried, this doesn't stretch neither. I'll have to make a different style box with this.

Time to go watch what Paul is up to this week.

accidental woodworker

trivia corner
Where is it illegal for a portrait of living person to appear in the United States?
answer -  on a postage stamp