Saturday, September 20, 2014

boxes are done......

My boxes for storing my pins and sleeves are done but I can't say the same about the corner cupboard. It still needs paint, hinges,and some way of securing the door when it is closed. I have a couple of different magnetic catches to use, if I can find them. This is a big reason why the parts cabinet is project #2 on the A list.  I'm tired of forgetting where I squirreled away my cabinet hardware. The new and wonderful parts cabinet should remove my having to remember where it scattered and hidden but not which drawer it is in.

bottom cleaned up
Last night before I shook hands with Mr Bunky, I came down to the shop and glued the bottom on. I did that so tonight I wouldn't have glue it and then wait for it to cook.  After I cleaned up and flushed the bottom I did the same for the pins a and tails. This was the first box I made out of this pine from NZ that didn't rip and tear out on me.

rabbets on the lid are done - slides easily with no binding
not too bad for a saw cut fit
I haven't been trying to saw for square because I have a shooting board. But what I'm finding out is that it is better that I get as square/plumb as I can. First it makes it quicker and easier to square the stock on the shooting board and secondly it an avenue for practice I'm not using. From this point on I am going to saw every cut I have to make as square as I can. Some of my saw cuts have been OTL big time and others pretty close like the one in the pic. Trying for square on all of my saw cuts should pay off in the long run.

lid is done on box #2 including the thumb grip
drill bit shelf stock
The piece on the bottom is long enough to make the two shelves I need but a knot runs diagonally through it around the mid point. I can saw around it but I won't have even one piece big enough. The top piece already has a kerf in it which makes one part of the rabbet I don't have to saw.

shelves done
These are the 3 drill bits for the 7mm shelf pin system. The largest one is for drilling the sleeve hole and the other two are for drilling for the pins in hard or softwood. I opted to put the pin drills together on one shelf to save room in the box.

sleeves + garlic + hide glue = secure shelf sleeves
I have 15 of these sleeves to glue in their holes. I did them in groups of 5.

this gets sticky
I have had hide on my fingers before but with the garlic it gets real tacky, real fast.

It's been an hour and the shelves have cooked enough
turned upside and shook up
nothing got mixed up
The boxes are a bit big but I don't mind that. If I remember I'm going to buy a few more packages of each of the sleeves and pins just to have them. It'll be my insurance against LV suddenly not selling them anymore.

box #1 & #2
Looking at these I'm thinking that maybe I should have made the different in some respect. They are almost identical in size and I'll have to open each one to see what's in it. I'm going to put a couple of coats of shellac on these and get one coat of paint on the cupboard tonight after supper.  Tomorrow I'm going to the LN event in Manchester so shop time will be limited for this weekend.

accidental woodworker

more useless trivia
What is your buccal cavity?
answer - your mouth

Friday, September 19, 2014

another delay popped up.......

My completion of corner cupboard #2 has slipped again. It isn't a big deal because once the cupboard is done it's going to the boneyard. I did finish getting the shellac on it so I got silver star for that. And box #2 went together hiccup free.

the delay
The shellac was done so I was going to hinge the door. But the door was not laying flat and shaving this bevel was the fix. I think all the paint I put the carcass was the cause of the problem. Once I got fit ok again, I took a few extra swipes to account for the next two coats of paint.

this is first
Before I got around to the door I fixed this. The purpose for storing the pins and sleeves is to keep them separated. The accident I had a couple of days ago pointed out a flaw in the box.

gluing a strip on top
I actually found the piece I cut off this on the bench but it wasn't wide enough. I put 2 nails in the bottom of this piece and clipped them so that when I glue it, it won't shift.

glued and cooking
box #2 glued and cooking
No hiccups with #2.  Went nutso with the clamps but that was to keep the box square. It would have been ok without them but these give me a warm and fuzzy.

scrap poplar
I've had this piece of poplar in the shop for over 2 years. I used a piece of it for the sliding lid on box #1. I have enough here for a couple of more boxes besides #2.

rip sawing to rough width
Tomorrow once box #2 is out of the clamps I can plane this to finish width. Then it's plane and fit the rabbets on either side, make a thumb grip, and the lid for box #2 will be done.

rough sawn lid on the left and rough sawn bottom on the right
measuring my molding planes
Every single molding plane that I have is between 9 1/2" and 10" long.

my newest molding plane
This one is the tallest one at about  7".  All the others are right around  6 1/2".

all in line it's 32"
 Why am I measuring all these? Because I need these inches for the next project .

molding plane till
I did some doodling on paper and I think I'm going with the left one. I like the one on the right with the separate cubbies for each plane but maybe for the next one. The one on the left I should be able to make and put to use in one day.

this will be it's new home
I'll have to do some reorganizing and shuffling of things here and there but it's doable. I plan on putting the drill press where I used to keep the router table that I don't use anymore.

this is where I have them all crammed in now
project #2
I've been wanting to make a parts cabinet for a long time. I've been doodling on paper and have a drawn a bazillion designs. The drawing on the left is from a creative design post by Paul Sellers. I've been trying to think of some way to attach the rails to the sides. I don't like dadoes and I have never done a sliding dovetail joint and this one is perfect. I hadn't thought of the offset tenons and the shallow dado that Paul has here.  I hope to start this one after the plane till is done. I still have plenty of time to decide on what it'll look like.

time to test my fix
turned it upside down
This is something I can see happening. Might as well use this as a proof.

it works
Even the drill bits were still in there respective shelves.

I had a step back with the cupboard door but everything else worked out. Tonight was a pretty good day overall shop time wise. This saturday I'm going to a LN hand tool event in Manchester Ct. I've been to quite a few of these and this one has Isaac Blackburn as a presenter. He said that he is bringing his frame saw and some hardware. I want to try one of these out and see if it's worth it to make one.

accidental woodworker

more useless trivia
There are 206 bones in the human body, how many are in the skull?
answer - 29