Sunday, November 23, 2014

had a split day.......

When I got up this morning I was half expecting to see my breath but it didn't happen. The temps in the teens the weatherman predicted were double that according to my porch thermometer. It read 32.8 degrees F at oh dark thirty.  Tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid 50's and monday the mid 60's. Tuesday is when it cools down to the high 50's. I'll take every one of these days because it means I don't have to pay for heat.

My day was split almost in half and I had a late start in the workshop this morning. That was due to me watching a xmas video Paul Sellers made on making a manacala game board. Once I got in going I completed all the woodworking on the desk set box and I just have to put the finish on it to call it done.

The afternoon I spent with my wife. We out to lunch and made a few stops antiquing here and there. The afternoon flew by and before I knew it Mickey's big hand was on the 12 and his small one on the four.  I have been known to do other things besides woodworking once in a while.

road test
The knobs being a bit off plumb was bugging me so I got a couple of my wife's necklaces and put them on them. The necklaces hide the sins well. I left this up here for an hour or so I could get a look at it from different angles as I worked. I feel better about the knobs but the next time I'll make the holes deeper and I'll tape (blue painters tape) them plumb.

made a pattern
I don't like making my patterns out of paper and I have a ton of small scraps to make this. I rounded the ends and made a hump in the middle as a finger grab. Making it as a half pattern means both sides of the centerline will look reasonably the same.

rough sawn
I wanted the finger grab to be a bit bigger but by the time I removed the beaded detail on the edge this is what I am left with. This will work for this application.

I tried to rasp a hollow parallel to the front of the lid on the underneath of the knob but it didn't work out. I used my rat tail rasp and some 60 grit paper wrapped around a dowel. I was able to make a slight depression but not as deep nor as defined as I wanted. Not enough real estate to maneuver the tools in the area I wanted to.

This is another application that I think a gouge would have worked.  Looking for gouges was one thing I did today. I was also looking for a #2 stanley handplane but no joy today. I found a 7/8" Buck Bros gouge but I wasn't paying $45 for it. I'll keep checking Jim Bode tools and maybe I'll get lucky.

rounding the ends
I rounded the cherry piece with rasps and sandpaper and I rounded the ends with my block plane. I tried to match the round over I did on the cherry.

almost done
Just needs a final pass with some 220 and I can put the finish on it. I didn't bother to plane the ends of the lid parallel to the sides of the box. When I put the lid on to check it out, I saw that with the rounded edges I couldn't see any difference. The overhang is almost nothing and it isn't visible with a head on look at all. It's less than a 1/16" over 5 1/2".

paper patterns
I made some paper patterns because I can't find my stack of cardboard. I've got about 50 pieces of cardboard 8x11 squirreled away somewhere but I couldn't find it.

the drawer and box lining
I want cardboard so I can adhere this blue lining to it and then place that in the drawer in the box well. It's way to much of a PITA for me to cut it out and then try to stick it in. Much easier to stick to cardboard first and then put that in place.

legal pad
I'm stealing a the back from a legal pad to get my cardboard backing. It's big enough to get both pieces.

the look I wanted
I made this box 2 years ago and this is the look I wanted for the desk set box. The hinge is flush with the outside edge of the lid which doesn't make it look like it's over hanging too much.

this would of worked
Because I had already glued the back rail on I was stuck with the lid as is. I couldn't make it shorter without making the rail pattern look like crap. I also couldn't stretch the box and make it longer. I am not sure that a drawing/plan would have shown this detail. I didn't see it until I had made it and cast my peepers on it.

my fix
I remember this base molding giving me fits to do. It was originally a rabbeted molding like the one I put on my desk set box. However, with this one I couldn't figure out how to cut the miters for it and in the end I sawed the rabbets off. I glued these blocks in where the rabbet would have been. It's held up but the rabbeted molding would have looked better.

Now that this desk set box if 99% done I think I'll try to do a christmas star. I'll have to watch Paul Sellers video again to refresh my sieve memory.

accidental woodworker

trivia corner
How was the height and width of American Battleships originally determined?
answer - It had to be able to pass underneath the Brooklyn Bridge and go through the Panama Canal.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

one done and changes on another........

The one that got done is the nail polish shelf. I did the epoxy glue up of the necklace holders and they have set up. They are rock solid now and you could hang a big block Chevy from them. Changes 3 & 4 involve the desk set box. For whatever reason, I couldn't get the look of the overhang of the lid out of my mind. Either could I convince myself it was alright. Enter, stage right, changes 3 & 4.

glamour shot #1
I am glad that I used only two woods for this. It would have looked garish if I had used my first multiple choices of wood.

side view
I think the end grain of the shelf braces and the 2 back ones add some visual eye candy here. Without them this would be a blank, uninteresting piece of green tinged poplar.

wee bit of a wave
All of the knobs have a bit of tilt to them with the the second one from the left trying to lean over more then the tower of Pisa does. Out of the seven only one is reasonably plumb. What is working in my favor here is that they are small and the blend in with the brace they are all glued to. It bugs me a bit but I can't think of a quick and easy fix for it so it may stay as is.

change 3
I'm going with a new lid. The overhang of the sides was something that I just don't like.  I think the balance was off especially so with the back rail I put on.

moving on to change 4
The lid is staying the same but this one is toast. It was rocking so I flushed the top with my jack plane to get rid of it. However, it was still rocking corner to corner. I put my winding sticks on this lid and it had a bit of twist to it. I would normally just plane it out but I'm hinging this and I don't have a lot of meat for the screws. I didn't want to risk making the lid too thin and having a screw pop through.

lid #4
This lid is flat and twist free. It doesn't rock on the top of the box in any direction but it is to short in the width, front to back.

a piece of scrap cherry
This piece of cherry is wider then what I need to make up the missing bit of width. I'll glue this on and saw and shape the profile I want on it after it has cooked. The plan is to put a small nib at the middle to use as a lid lift.

hinges another nemesis
I always do a terrible job of installing hinges. They seem to be my green kyrptonite. I got the gains done on the bottom and I have one screw in each hinge. I got the position of the hinges knifed on the lid and those gains are next.

hinges are done
 This is a first for me. I have both hinges installed with one screw in each leaf and it opens and closes. And the lid lines up at the back evenly. This is is the first time I've done this where I haven't had to reset at least one screw. I'm not putting in the other screws now. I'll wait and do that after I get the finish on the box. I still have take and put it on a few more times doing the fitting and I want to lessen the chance of wearing out the screw holes.

I have some trimming to do
The box is square at the bottom but at the top it is out about a 32nd. This I don't understand but to compensate for it I made the lid oversized on the sides and front. I'll mark the overhang and plane to lines.

rub joint
I glued the cherry onto the lid with a rub joint. I used liquid hide glue but it doesn't grab and hold as well as real hide glue does. But this is better then trying to do this with PVA glue.

bit of over kill
I got this clamped up with 3 bessey clamps and it is a bit over the top. I used them because I couldn't get my quick grips on this without having them slip off.  I'll set this by the furnace to cook overnight. The weatherman says that the temps are nose diving down to low teens overnight. Should be interesting come tomorrow to see how this hide glue fared over night.

accidental woodworker

trivia corner
Who was the goddess of the rainbow in Greek mythology?
answer - Iris